Huuuuuuuuuh…heeemm..Im so exhausted start a couple week ago. Lotsssssss of work…. I don’t know when I can finish it… ofkoz before the dateline…if not I death! Hahahaha…. One and one work and add another one.. ayooo when I can get rest like a before laaa… what can I say this is all good fortune from ALLAH to my BOSS business. Alhamdulillah Amin.

Project 1 : Review Story Board / Graphic Development / Shooting outdoor > indoor / Prepare Presentation Document (dateline end of April)

Project 2 : Build Lesson Plan / Script Storyboard / Graphic & Multimedia material > VO Talent > Images ext. / Prepare Presentation Document (dateline end of Okt)

Project 3 : Script Writing ( 2 script must do research…ayooooook… OMG)

Project 4 : Logo Design 18 Feb 10 submission

Project 5 : 2 P&C project conducted.. sssyyyy…

July .. the month for me make a one step for my live.. If this step happen Insyaallah its really2 thankful and I must do a lot of effort to this… huhuhu.. I hope… Amin..

Maybe I don’t say hey to u, maybe I don’t give or reply an sms, , maybe I don’t open my FB muhahahhaha if I can control my hand laaa hahhaha….maybe I don’t update my blog, maybe I can’t hang out with my buddy.. but please understand my situation right now, I really2 busy. Maybe when I complete all my workssssss.. I done everythingsssss.. I will call u guys I promise.. but for this time being I cant huhahuhahua so much laaaa…. Adoiyai… very the terrible laa…

So.. now I still at the office open Flash Software, Illustrator… Photoshop.. do the drawing and graphics only for the Project 1…….. ayakkkk.. heart attack come la wey..

Okey.. will continued … I want get a rest for the couple minutes.. can somebody call me for Maghrib Prayer???? Anybody??? Elllooww… hahha. Its ok I can set my alarm … trut tut tut tu tuuuutttt….


The truly me,

Si Dalam Hati Ada Garden koooo… hahhaha..


huhu..kak ita sama la jR pun byk keje juga....sabar je la kak ita...

ni tgh sabar ar nih... huhu..
j-ar tolong wat kije akak j-ar.. hahha.. nti akak blanje ayer suam!
bley?? muahahaha....

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